Tips to keep your legal costs down when ending a relationship.

Consider alternatives to Solicitors such as DIY divorce, Pay as You Go or fixed cost services. All of these offer more cost-effective ways to end a relationship.

End your relationship amicably. Instead of each having your own Solicitor battling against each other; use one legal professional to help you find solutions you can both live with – meaning only one cost and vastly reduced legal fees.

Avoid court – Consider methods of non court dispute resolution, such as joint legal advice, mediation or arbitration.

Agree to a joint divorce. A joint divorce saves you time and money.

Start preparing supporting documents of your income, assets, liabilities, outgoings, and financial needs so you are ready to deal with financial disclosure.

Stay focused – Identify what matters most to you in your divorce, and let go of what does not.

Agree what you can – Whilst it may seem obvious, an enormous amount of time and expense can be saved by agreeing as much as you can between you.

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