We specialise in divorce and family law, in fact it’s all we do, so if there is anything you want to know we are the right people to ask.

With more than 30 years’ experience, we are proud of how we have served our clients over the years. All our Solicitors have the expert knowledge and experience at a time when you need it the most.

You can trust us to offer you the best and most affordable legal advice and assistance – in a way that you will understand and which is tailored to your needs.

We believe that everyone should have access to legal advice regardless of their income.

Realising you need legal advice during a relationship breakdown or during a family law case is stressful enough without worrying about the cost. That’s why The Divorce & Family Law Specialists are dedicated to providing affordable expert legal advice on a Pay As You Go basis.

You only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

About Us Divorce & Family Law Specialists

Our objective is to make expert legal advice affordable to everyone

We realise that not everyone can afford to write out a “blank cheque” for legal support. This has led to the most deserving missing out on the legal help they need when the stakes are so high.

That is why we offer expert legal advice on a Pay As You Go basis.

Over the years we have found many people can do a good job of moving their case forward especially if they had expert support at key moments. That’s why we have developed dedicated Pay As You Go legal services; so you only pay for the legal services you need, when you need them

Why we started The Divorce & Family Law Specialists

Frustrated by the traditional law firm model and aggrieved by the cuts to legal aid which left many without the legal advice they so desperately need, we formed The Divorce and Family Law Specialists with the aim to bring affordable and expert legal advice to as many people as possible.

Marc (the founder) started his first practice in 2006 after spending many years working at some of the largest family law firms in the South of England. He has extensive experience in cases involving Divorce, Separation, Nullity and same gender relationships. Marc practises in all areas of matrimonial finance and related enforcement proceedings, including claims under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, TOLATA 1996 and Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989. He has considerable experience in acting for high net-worth individuals or cases involving complex financial arrangements.

Marc obtained a First Class Honours in Law at the University of Westminster, and a Master of Laws in Family Law and Family Policy at the University of East Anglia before completing his Post Graduate Diploma (Legal Practice Course) at the College of Law, London.

He is a Resolution trained Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer.

About Us Divorce & Family Law Specialists