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Pay As You Go Legal Advice

We specialise in divorce and family law, in fact it’s all we do, so if there is anything you want to know we are the right people to ask.

Affordable Expert Legal Advice

Traditionally a Solicitor will represent a client from the beginning to the end of the case, usually involving a large upfront payment (a retainer) and thereafter charges are made on an hourly basis. The entire process can cost many thousands.

We offer flexible access to legal services for those who cannot write a “blank cheque” for legal assistance.

You only pay for what you need, when you need it!

No hidden costs, 6-minute timers, or large retainers


Our Services

Helping you to manage your legal problem, your way.
Simply ask a question, or seek help for individual legal tasks.

Ask a question

Ask us anything related to divorce or family law

£12 per question

Get a response within 24 Hours

Document Review

Upload a copy of the document and we will respond via email on how best to deal with it. The document can be related to divorce or family law.

£12 per A4 page

Get a response within 24 Hours

Legal Agreement

We will record the details of any settlement reached and the agreement will be drafted on an ‘execution basis’ only; based on the information you provide us.

£480 up to 5 pages£100 per additional page

Get a response within 7 days

1 Hour Consultation

This consultation can be used for any Divorce or Family law matter.

Available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

£120 per hour

At a time that is convinient to you.

Divorce Petition

We prepare the Divorce Petition on your behalf and in the style that the Courts will accept. You can review it and submit it yourself to the Court (along with the required Court fees which you need to pay).

£50 Flat fee

Get a response within 48 Hours

Legal Letter

We will draft a letter as if it is coming from you, ensuring that you meet the obligations and requirements relating to the communication.

As with reading letters, we don’t charge for additional short pages.

£12 per page

Get a response within 24 Hours

Financial Statement (Form E) Preparation

We will prepare your Form E and let you know what if, any additional documents are required.


Get a response within 7 days

Financial Statement (Form E) Review & Questionnaire

We will review of your spouse's Financial statement (Form E) and prepare a questionnaire based on how best to deal with it.


Get a response within 7 days

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Home Elementor Divorce & Family Law Specialists
The Divorce & Family Law Specialists specialise exclusively in all aspects of divorce and family law. We are not part of a firm of Solicitors, nor do we undertake reserved legal activities. We will never have a third party contact you unless authorised by you and notified by us to you.

How It Works

We offer individual legal services, rather than the whole legal case.

Represent yourself

Our Pay As You Go services enables you to represent yourself, making informed decisions about your legal matter backed up by expert legal help and advice.

Expert legal advice

Our legal services are available at any stage of your legal case.
You choose the parts of the process you want help with and can afford.

No hidden costs

All our services are clearly priced, with no hidden costs.
Expert legal advice at an affordable price, when you need it!

Did you know?

Home Elementor Divorce & Family Law Specialists

More than half of UK adults faced a legal problem or issue in the last three years and just one third of those paid for the professional help they needed.

Just 10% of people and businesses take advice from a solicitor or barrister and many choose to speak to friends – or worse, they turn to unregulated online services.

Two thirds of UK adults feel that legal services are too expensive and one third could not afford to hire a lawyer even if they wanted to.

It is proven that Pay As You Go services work out better for you and even judges agree that people representing themselves in court are more prepared.