Red flags of a relationship breakdown.

Red flags of a relationship breakdown.  

Apathy – Whilst conflict is not healthy, not being bothered to argue is not a good sign either.

You look forward to being alone. Spending time alone is healthy in a relationship, but you should not be looking for excuses to avoid spending time together.

You don’t support each other. If you notice that your partner is not making as much effort, or not doing what they used to, this can be a sign that their feelings have changed.

You do not enjoy spending time together. Healthy relationships should make you feel happy, contented and calm. You should not be feeling bored, exhausted, and unhappy after spending time with your partner.

You do not feel respected or valued. If you are consistently treating each other poorly or with contempt – it can be a sign that there is a lack of respect and value in your relationship.

Your partner annoys you all the time. Love makes you see the good side of your partner. If you start noticing your partner’s bad qualities more – this is a warning sign.

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