How to look after your mental health during divorce.

Establish a self care routine. Develop a routine that includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep.

Do things that make you happy. This could be travel, meditation, yoga, sports or hobbies.

Consider talking to a therapist, or Divorce Coach to help navigate emotions and manage stress.

Maintain a strong support network. Talk to people who can offer emotional support, like family or friends. 

Set clear boundaries with your ex. Establish healthy boundaries about communication preferences, topics to discuss, and issues that are off-limits. 

Be financially prepared. Understand your current financial situation and develop a future plan with the help of a financial adviser. 

Create a plan for your future. Set realistic goals and focus on the opportunities that lie ahead, embracing personal growth and new experiences 

Give yourself time to heal. Healing from divorce takes time, so be patient and give space for grieving and healing. 

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