How do I ask for a postnup?

Identify the specific reasons why you want a postnup. This could be due to significant pre-marital assets, children from previous marriages, owning a business, or receiving a large inheritance or gift.

Focus on the benefits of a postnup for both parties. Highlight how it can bring peace of mind, clarity, protection for both, and ensure a smoother separation in the event of divorce.

Emphasise financial transparency. Discuss how a postnup can help you both understand each other’s financial situation, expectations and goals – encouraging a more open and transparent relationship.

Be patient, empathetic, flexible, and open to finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Choose the right time. You may want to wait until you have been married for a significant period, or after a significant life event.

Discuss the options for the review and revision of the postnup. Postnups should be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure that they remain relevant and fair.

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