The perils and pitfalls of DIY divorces

There have been a number of high profile divorce cases where one or both parties decided to represent there interests. Brought to light by Heather Mill’s decision to represent herself against Sir Paul McCartney’s formidable legal team, it is estimated that more than 70% of estranged husbands and wives will soon opt to carry out their own “DIY divorces” without legal help.

Whilst it is understandable that most people wish to avoid running up expensive legal fees, evidence shows that women often come off worse when they belatedly realise they have lost out hugely in the financial stakes by conducting their own divorce. What usually comes to light is that the husband has been advised all along by a solicitor who helps him get a very advantageous deal.

One way to avoid this from happening is to take legal advice early so you know what to expect and to have a clear strategy in dealing with your case.

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