The dangers of an online divorce without first receiving expert advice

Whilst divorcing couples could be forgiven for wanting to divorce as quickly and cheaply as possible, care should be taken in doing so as there are many possible pitfalls and mistakes could have damaging long-term consequences.

A case in point is Andrew McLeod-Baikie, a 52 year old father of four children who paid for an online divorce, however he did not obtain the Decree Absolute before marrying again. As a result Mr McLeod-Baikie pleaded guilty to bigamy and was fined £400 and ordered to pay £400 in costs.

Divorce is much more than simply lodging documents. Even some providers of online divorces are quick to warn against the pitfalls of not being properly advised. Mark Keenan, the Chief Executive of divorce-online said “Before you consider an online service, get legal advice…before you press the button”.

Although a pilot project has been run in a divorce Court in Nottingham which offers online divorces through the legal system; court managers have disclosed that 4 out of 10 people who fill in divorce forms without the help of a lawyer have their request for a divorce rejected because they have not completed the form correctly.

The moral in the story is that anybody who is prepared to take the most serious legal step in relation to their marriage should really take legal advice first before.

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