Pay-As-You-Go Legal Advice

Traditionally a Solicitor will represent a client from the beginning to the end of the case, usually involving a large upfront payment and thereafter charges on an hourly basis. The entire process can cost many thousands and involve lots of additional unexpected stages. It’s complicated and a bit scary, right?

What we do is offer the individual legal services required for each stage, rather than the whole of the case. You can decide to tackle a divorce yourself and simply ask questions along the way to make sure you are doing everything right. You choose the parts of the process you want help with and can afford. We can assist you with a wide range of matters such as divorce, disputes involving children, cohabitation disputes, and financial matters arising from a relationship breakdown.

Pay-As-You-Go provides people representing themselves the opportunity to make informed decisions about their legal matter backed up by expert legal help and advice, within their financial means.

You can select a service such as reviewing documents, a face-to-face online advice session, assisting with correspondence or drafting documents such as a Divorce Petition – all at a fixed price.


Control, Flexibility & Power

The main reasons for people choosing Pay-As-You-Go are the reduced cost. However it is also an opportunity to exercise greater control over your case.

Divorce and Family Law Specialists allow flexible access to legal services for those who would not otherwise be able to afford it and those who perceive legal costs to be expensive. People who take an active role in their case can feel more empowered and informed about the process. One in three family cases currently has both parties unrepresented. Sources suggest that these litigants in person would benefit from access to advice and information about their case and how to represent themselves more effectively.

Divorce and Family Law Specialists can offer specialist advice to navigate the sometimes complex process of divorce. If you decide to represent yourself having trusted advice is essential and gives you a better chance of fair and reasonable outcome.
By not hiding away from difficult consequences and getting advice early you can present your case in the best light, to achieve the best result for you and you family. We offer an objective point-of-view at each stage of the process that can put your mind at rest and could save you both time and money

No matter the situation you are in making a clear plan going forward is essential to the long-term welfare of family relationships. And getting an objective opinion as early as possible is crucial to getting a fair outcome for you and you family.

The advice we give is expert advice that can be relied on, it’s completely objective and comes from qualified specialists.

If no agreement can be reached between you and your spouse, it is essential that you are prepared properly and advice is taken early. Courts do not look at cases in emotional terms terms, but based on the needs of the parties a judge is more likely to hear your case if it is delivered with a factual basis.

Costs incurred in family law proceedings are generally not recoverable from the other party. So expert advice that will help you be fully prepared and decide whether that you are seeking is likely to be granted in court can be crucial to the outcome and save time and money

Other Benefits

As you need it, when you need it
No travel, as everything is done online
No taking time off work, which would add financial pressure
You don’t need to be a regular client

No hidden costs
No large retainers
Cost Effective


  • Over half of UK adults faced a legal problem in the last three years
  • Only a third of people with a legal problem seek professional advice
  • One third of all UK adults have less than £300 savings for unexpected events, which limits their ability to afford legal services
  • Two thirds of people feel that legal services are too expensive
  • Clients who have used PAYG services often feel that it improved the outcomes of their case
  • Some judges thought that PAYG legal services from regulated advisers was helpful to unrepresented people