Divorce Day – A Myth or Reality? By Editor

You’ll hear about ‘Divorce Day’ being in the first week in January when the media suggest that due to having a massive row over Christmas spouses apply for a divorce at their earliest opportunity after Christmas. People don’t make such big decisions over a bad Christmas, although it may have been the straw that broke the camels back, or (more commonly) that a couple had already agreed they would separate after Christmas and to hold it together for the sake of others until January.

In addition, parents consider their children’s exam periods or large chunks of non-term time, and January is one of those times where there is less going on during a child’s academic year and no lengthy holidays again until Easter.

Rather than ‘Divorce Day’ being suggested as a poor reflection on those having suffered terrible Christmases, we think it reflects more the well considered, child-focussed and amicable spouses.

To those facing the new year with divorce, do the formalities correctly, exchange financial disclosure honestly, and get a financial order of your agreement or obtain one from the court if you can’t agree (but really do try to agree!). You’ll need a family lawyer to point you in the right direction and (at least) to draft the financial order for you, even if it is straight forward.

Let us know if we can help in any way.

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